• J.M. Miro launches stunning new fantasy series with Ordinary Monsters
    The Cairndale Institute isn’t like other schools. Taking in children with specific skills, known as Talents, it’s not only a chance to grow and learn; but also a refuge from a world not ready for their powers. Charlie Ovid can heal himself from just about any injury. Komako can manipulate dust to do extraordinary things. Ribs can vanish in the blink of an eye. And Marlowe glows with a strange blue light that no one quite understands.
  • Jennifer Saint’s engaging Ariadne continues the trend for retellings of Ancient Greek mythology
    Daughter of cruel King Minos and sister to the Minotaur, Ariadne lives a life governed by the fear her monstrous brother instils into the enemies of Crete. Athens, in particular, suffers, forced to send regular sacrifices for the Minotaur, exchanging some of its young people for peace with the island nation. But one year, a hero stands amongst them – Theseus, son of the Athenian king. He has volunteered for the journey, intending to kill the Minotaur, and end the barbaric sacrifices once and for all. And Ariadne is willing to help him.
  • Gina Nutt’s Night Rooms is a fascinating blend of horror tropes, poetic prose, and personal reflection
    Shopping mall beauty pageants and wedding anniversaries meet true crime and Victorian taxidermy in Night Rooms, a stunning personal essay collection from Gina Nutt.