Reading Goals 2019

That’s right kids, I’m back on the ol’ WordPress! Wix has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to blogging and, honestly, I missed the community here!

I’ve shifted all the old posts to my drafts for now while I work out what to keep and what categories to use but, for now, expect the usual reading recaps and book reviews!

Alright, to business! Let’s talk reading goals!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that many books. I’m pretty brutal when it comes to clearing them out and moving them on. This afternoon, I did just that, offloading a bunch of books I know I’ll never read (or reread!) and reorganising my study shelves a little. God, it feels good!

Now I’m ready to set myself a few challenges – probably a few too many, in all honesty, but I’m a compulsive list maker and having things to aim for keeps my anxiety in check and existential crises to a minimum.

First of all, I’ve lined up three reading challenges: Reading Women, Read Harder, and POPSUGAR!


Reading Women is my priority, but I’m already starting to see lots of crossover opportunities between the three, which makes this a whole lot less scarier than it might have been!

The great thing about reading challenges is that they can both get us reading outside of our comfort zones AND help clear our TBRs. Win/win!

Now, who’s ready to set some diversity quotas?

I did pretty well when it came to female authors last year (in fact, my top reads were all by women!) but when it came to authors of colour, I was very disappointed in the lack of representation in my reading!

I’m making a point in 2019 of reading at least one book by an author of colour per month, and I’ll be sticking to my ongoing goal of at least one female author a month too. I fully expect to read more (and I welcome recommendations to help me get there!) but that’s just a minimum to aim for!

It’s also important that I curate my Instagram feed a little better.

I feel like YA Fantasy is really rather over-represented in the #bookstagram community, and with such a huge focus on themes and props and staging, I feel that we’ve kind of lost sight of the whole reading part.

I want my Instagram feed to do more for me and my bookish interests!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be doing a lot of unfollowing and I’ll be hunting down people that post about the kind of books I actually want to read, and who can offer more than beautiful pictures.

If I unfollow you, it’s nothing personal, it’s just Instagram!

I also want to clear out much of my TBR.

I haven’t really bought many books in the last year, but with so many review copies coming my way, my shelves do get neglected throughout the year.

I’m setting myself a goal of one TBR shelf book per month, which should make a nice dent in the stack of books I have there. Like with my other quotas, it’s likely to be more (especially as there’s a couple of series there) but it’s a great place to start!

Another goal is to review more.

I already write lots of book reviews for The AU Review but I’d like to get back into the habit of reviewing other books too and posting them up here – even if it’s just to keep the blog active and give you lot something to read from time to time!

And finally, I want to grow Chester’s Used Books!

I envision Chester’s Used Books as a blend of book club and secondhand bookstore. I’m planning on taking a selection of books to a Suitcase Rummage once a month and selling them for a few bucks a pop, while also running a book club where I’ll encourage people to pick up secondhand and library copies of the chosen read.

As fun as a Dymocks trip is, it’s nice to find a charity shop bargain and give an older book a little bit of love!

I’ve got so many ideas for it, I can’t wait to start! I know it won’t make me much money in the grand scheme of things, but it’ll be an adventure!

You can follow CUB on Instagram or join the Goodreads group to see what we’re currently reading. I’ll be launching things with a giveaway in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that!

And that’s it!

Are you setting any reading goals for 2019? Let me know in the comments below, especially if you’ll be taking on some of the reading challenges too – always keen to swap recommendation ideas!

Jodie x

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