Best Books 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

As we go forth into a new year, it’s nice to take a quick look back over the year that was.

In 2018, I read a pretty hefty 96 books (including graphic novels and separate short stories), with 60+ of the titles written by women. I’m pretty pleased with those numbers, though next year I’d like to include more writers of colour! And even more women!

Read on to find my top five for the year! (In no particular order!)

Holy shit, this was a fierce book. If you’re not familiar with Ford’s work, pick up this and Fight Like Girl immediately and get to educating yourself. With her trademark brand of well-researched and witty feminism, Ford dismantles the patriarchy and the toxic masculinity that stems from it. Boys Will Be Boys is a book that is filled with awful truths that, when broken down, seem almost painfully obvious. An absolute must read.

I read both Nevermoor and its sequel Wundersmith this year and I CANNOT STOP raving about this series. I’ve been recommending it to just about everyone, whether you need something to shake you out of a reading slump or just want to be reminded of how magical reading can. Whimsical, inventive, and driven by the themes of belonging and family, this middle grade series is off to a powerful start.

I’m pretty much convinced this book was written solely for me but other people seem to like it too, so maybe it’s a touch more universal than I want to believe. But seriously, How To Be Famous is funny, heartfelt, and so beautifully empowering. I don’t know if crying in public places is a positive recommendation for any of you, but this book made me do that, so make of it what you will.

Reign of Mist is the second in the Oremere Chronicles and it’s an absolute bloody cracker of a book. This is action packed YA fantasy at its finest, with a fast paced plot and plenty of characters to fall in love with (Swinton, my love, my LIFE!). Grab both Reign of Mist and Heart of Mist (the first in the series) now, and do your part to support indie authors!

So, one day I was waiting for a bus and wandered into the second hand book shop round the corner from my house. I walked out with a well thumbed copy of Hannah Kent’s Burial Rites and I basically didn’t put it down again until I’d devoured every single page. I’ve thought about this book just about every day since I finished it. Beautifully written, well-researched… honestly, just read it. It’s absolutely stunning.

What were your favourite reads of 2018? Let me know in the comments below!

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