The Re-Review: The Paper House

Anna Spargo-Ryan’s The Paper House was one of the first books I read for The AU Review. Posted all the way back in June 2016, my review predates the days when our book editor (hey Simon!) wanted punchy titles and fancy headers and those blasted star ratings.

You know what else it predates? Me being actually any good at reviews.

To say I was blown away by the novel was an understatement. Exquisitely painful and whimsically beautiful, The Paper House tells the story of Heather, who is dealing with the loss of her unborn child. It was (and remains), quite frankly, excellent.

My review? Not so much.

Posting all these older reviews (you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve finally just about reached the end of them!) has show me how much I’ve improved, both in writing technique and in textual analysis. I understand better what I want from a book, and I’m finding new ways to inject my own personality into my reviews – they are, after all, my opinion, so why shouldn’t there be a little of me in there too?

With all that in mind, I thought it was high time I went back to those older reads, and picked them up again (well, the ones I’ve kept anyway), and spent a little time working on some new reviews.

Am I expecting my opinion to change? I don’t really know. In the case of some of them, I’ve certainly changed, so I wonder what influence that will have on the books now!

So, first up will be, of course, The Paper House. I’m planning on getting stuck back in next week, and I’ll have a review up by the end of the month.

Perhaps you’d like to do the same? I challenge you all to pick up a book you loved (no terrible prior review needed!) and read it again! See if your opinion changes or not!

Or, pick up a copy of The Paper House here and join in with me – if memory serves, I’ll need the emotional support!

Have you ever reread something and your opinion totally changed the second time around? Sound off below – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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