Anywhere Festival 2019: Recap #1

May is always a busy month for me. Anywhere Festival takes over Brisbane for a couple of weeks and this reviewer goes wherever the am-dram takes her.

And, as I’ve devoted Fridays to movies, TV, theatre, and the arts in general, I thought I’d share links to my first two Anywhere Festival related pieces.

I’ll have reviews in the coming weeks but, for now, here’s a couple of interviews I did with Anywhere Festival performers – you’ll find links in the titles!

Dorothy May talks I Can Fly, Anywhere Festival, and the healing power of humour

“I want there to be more humour in the world. I can help people have a big exhale through laughter when times are hard. It saved me and it is a powerful force that I have to share now.”

First published by The AU Review, 08/05/19

Real Live Fake News‘ Ben Keane on improv, news, and selling out (in the good way!)

“I found my tribe with improv. It can be scary initially, but that I think is with anything worth while, or that makes you grow personally.”

First published by The AU Review, 09/05/19

With plenty of shows over the next few weeks, expect Anywhere Festival to feature heavily on forthcoming Fridays!

Are any of you heading to Anywhere events, whether in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast? Let me know what you’re most looking forward to!

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