Anywhere Festival 2019: Recap #2

So, as you all probably expected, I fell pretty behind in posting about five minutes after I swore I wouldn’t.

I guess the good news is that today you get a pretty massive post, as I pull together the reviews from my Anywhere Fest experience.

Ready? LET’S GO!

Review: The Smooth End of the Pineapple

“There’s something so delightfully vintage about what they’re doing, a clear homage to old comedy records, and a nudge (and wink) towards the weird and wonderful troupes of the 60s and 70s.”

First published by Anywhere Festival on 14/05/19

Theatre Review: Jane from H.R. is hosting her first Gumtree Orgy, and we’re all invited!

“…the twist on this good ol’ fashioned orgy-based tale taps right into the #MeToo culture, with a core narrative that’s more about consent and cover-ups than it is about sexual liberation, and with an arc for our flawed heroine that’s as raunchy as it is redemptive.”

First published by The AU Review on 14/05/19

Review: Salty Sea Dogs of Tall Tale Harbour

“In true improv style, it’s funny when the jokes land and often funnier when they don’t, and while Salty Sea Dogs of Tall Tale Harbour suffers from an inevitable awkward silence or three, it does exactly as promised, delivering a seafaring saga packed to the brim with madcap antics and surprising twists.”

First published by Anywhere Festival on 17/05/19

Review: The Radioplay Hour: The Coffin in Studio B

“Upon arrival, a myriad of things have gone wrong. An actor is missing. Traffic has slowed everyone down. Rehearsal footage has been corrupted. Even I wasn’t immune – I’d dropped my phone on the way in and the screen had cracked.
Undeterred, Schulz begins to set the the scene. He tells us a little about radioplays, has us test out the sound effects, and rehearses his remaining actors. The show must go on, as they say.”

First published by Anywhere Festival on 24/05/19

Review: Everyone’s Leaving Brisbane

“At its heart, Everyone’s Leaving Brisbane pays loving tribute to Brisbane and the champions left behind. It’s a show for those of us that continue to endure the humidity, the ibises, and the taunts from our big city sisters.”

First published by Anywhere Festival on 24/05/19

And that’s a wrap for Anywhere Festival 2019! I did have a few other shows lined up but I ended up working and having to miss them – not ideal but I’ve gotta pay the bills!

The best thing about Anywhere is that you really do walk out of every show thinking “I could do this” – maybe next year I will!

Next up, it’s MELT at the end of June/early July and I CAN’T BLOODY WAIT!

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