Theatre Review: Cassie Workman’s Giantess is a heartfelt (and hilarious) triumph

One day, while shopping for school supplies, a little girl is kidnapped by a troll. She spends the next thirty years trapped in the troll’s house, gradually assimilating to his lifestyle. She cooks, cleans, and is careful to never look outside at the world beyond. Isolated and convinced of her own brokenness, only a giantess – big, bold, and unafraid – can save her.

Giantess is the work of Helpmann Award nominated comedian Cassie Workman, and is a whimsical exploration of self acceptance and courage. Layering the fantastical tragedy of the kidnapped girl with breakaway stories from Cassie’s real life – complete with pet crickets – Giantess is engaging, heartfelt, and, often, very funny.

Cassie is an outstanding performer. With expert comic timing and an endearing vulnerability, she’s a joy to watch, and a hour really doesn’t feel like enough time spent with her. Her trans identity is integral to the show – Giantess was originally envisioned as a way of her coming out – and here it’s explored with elegance, humour, and strength.

Shifting between difficult truths and wry humour, you’re as likely to shed a tear as you are to belly laugh. It’s a deft balancing act, and Cassie is more than up to the task. Brave, inventive, and really bloody funny, Giantess blends comedy and candour into a story that bursts at the seams with ultimately triumphant hope. An absolute must see, and an achievement every bit as big as its name suggests.

I attended the July 6th performance
Review originally published by The AU Review on 09/07/19
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