Theatre Review: Baby Bi Bi Bi is a wickedly funny hour of cabar-gay

From the moment the Flesh Coloured Panties crew (consisting of Samantha AndrewErin PattisonAnnabel Larcombe and a Portable Closet) take to the stage with a rendition of “Salad with the Girls, But in a Gay Way”, the scene is set for an hour of deliciously crude and wildly inventive cabaret.

With a focus on bisexuality, a sexual orientation that is often either erased or overtly sexualised, Baby Bi Bi Bi blends an exploration of identity with a wicked sense of humour. It’s a welcoming space for the out and proud, the questioning, and the allies, and for the full sixty minutes, the laughs just keep on coming.

There’s a brief break in the comedy proceedings, where denial, worry, and coming out stories are more the order of the day, but it’s a rather welcome breather. Heartfelt, but still funny, this is the team at their most vulnerable, and its a genuinely moving few minutes.

Throughout the show, the songs (entirely original) are solid, the messages are clear, and the performances are outstanding. The core tenet of Flesh Coloured Panties Productions is to never take yourself too seriously, and as Andrew swaggers on stage as Brent Dongus (replete with snapback cap), Larcombe offers up an interpretive dance invoking the concept of the cronut, and Pattison pokes fun at her own Baby Spice hairdo, that’s exactly what Baby Bi Bi Bi does.

I attended the July 6th performance
Review originally published by The AU Review on 10/07/19
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