Updates – Feb ’20

Well hello there – it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I wish I could say I’ve got a great excuse, but I honestly haven’t. It’s just not been… happening, I guess. I’m sleeping late, I’m barely reading, I’m not writing at all – the slump is REAL, kids.

I know that the key for me is, and always was, finding a routine. Getting up early, clearing out emails, walking the dog, having a good breakfast – basically just starting the day right. But I’ve just not been doing that (other than walking the dog, of course), and it shows.

I always get a bit concerned when I stop reading or when I notice that I’ve been consistently setting my alarms later and later. I can usually happily read five or six books a month, and I’m used to bouncing out of bed on the first ring of my alarm. The last few months, that really hasn’t been the case, and for me that’s the surest sign that my head isn’t on straight.

Well that and calling my mum and crying a lot.

Luckily for me, I’ve got a tried and tested solution. Small achievable goals.

Right now, my Twitter timeline is filled with monster manifestations. Goals so huge that they need to be screamed out into the universe. It works, too – from what I’ve heard anyway. But the sheer scale of these goals sets me on edge, because I simply don’t have any ideas that huge. My brain can’t handle ambition right now. It can barely handle getting out of bed.

So I’m going to retreat to knowing what works best for me. Setting small achievable goals. Little things I can tick off that not only help for better habits, but help remind me that I’m capable of something – literally anything.

For the rest of February, I’ll be setting myself two task lists – one per day and one per weekly.

Daily, it’s kinda simple. We’ll be getting up at the same time. Walking Chester in the morning and the evening. Reading for just fifteen minutes. Jumping on Duolingo for a bit.

And once a week, five things that reach a little further. Things like making a list of places to submit my work to. Updating the blog with all the reviews I’ve done for The AU Review lately.

Put simply, they’re lists of stuff I know I can do. Small achievable goals, see? And once they’re ticked off, I feel motivated. A little bit more powerful than before. And that’s exactly what I need.

My daily tasks are pretty boring, I’ll admit, but here’s what I want to achieve by the end of this week:

  • Update my calendar
  • Clear out a chunk of AU editor emails
  • Queue up all recent AU posts on the blog
  • Book my next driving lesson
  • Come up with an idea for a zine piece

I’ll be honest, I’m feeling less than confident, but I’m putting that down to me writing all this right after I couldn’t find the guts to put my name forward to edit someone’s short story and so spent the day on the couch crying over Bojack Horseman.

(Mum’s at work. I can’t call her and cry.)

I’m sure that will pass. It bloody better do!

Wish me luck, kids!

Jodie x

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