Updates – Mar '20

Well, we’re having quite the time of it, aren’t we?

As of midday today (Monday), I’m once again jobless. The government finally called for a shutdown of non-essential venues and, unfortunately (though not unexpectedly), a bowling alley and laser tag arena falls under that particular umbrella.

I’m sad about it, mostly because of the whole, y’know, bills to pay thing. But also because I really loved that job. I’m hopeful that when we reopen I’ll be able to jump straight back in, but for now I’m applying for just about anything (me and thousands of other Brisbane hospo kids), learning a few new skills, and trying to flog a few bits and pieces online.

So what about all the non-work stuff? Well, I’ve got a few ideas – for when I’m not re-watching Community for the eleventh time, that is.

I’ve been reading a lot more lately (thank goodness!) and now that I’ve got free time I think it’d be a great idea to start my BookTube! If you’ve got any tips and tricks, please let me know – I’m hoping to kick it off in the next couple of weeks. If nothing else, it gives me a reason to brush my hair and change out of my PJs!

Writing wise, I’m hoping to hunt down an Instagram/daily challenge, and potentially turn it into my Camp NaNo project for April. If you know of any, send them my way, otherwise I might just draw up a quick challenge for myself, using a random word generator!

I’m also chatting to my friend Laura, who I ran Long Distance Creationship with. We’re thinking about starting that one up again, and using the free time to push ourselves creatively! We’re thinking of weekly prompts, starting in April.

And, finally, I think it’s zine time! I’ve been inspired by a few makers I’ve seen on Instagram (especially sacredsomethingbykara who makes amazing Star Wars zines) and I’d love to try my hand at it.

What are you planning to do to keep your brain ticking along during self-isolation? Let me know in the comments below!

And, whatever you do, stay safe out there!

Jodie x

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