Long Distance Creationship: New writing up!

Good morning, readers!

My response to the first Long Distance Creationship prompt went online just last night, but I thought I’d give y’all a little teaser on here too!

Exciting stuff, I know!

The prompt for the week was “FOOL” and I took it in a theatrical direction, imagining Shakespeare’s Nick Bottom (he of the donkey ears fame) rehearsing his lines for the performance of Pyramus and Thisbe which ushers in the finale of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come!

“Oh wherefore, Nature, didst thou lions frame?

Since lion vile hath here deflower’d my dear:

Which is – no, no – which was the fairest dame,

That lived, that laughed, that loved… no, wait. Shit,”

He glances down at the paper gripped in his hand and sighs. He looks briefly at the words on the page. Nods. He squares his shoulders, makes his hand into a fist, pounds against his heart.

“That lived, that loved, that liked, that look’d with cheer.”

He lowers his arm, allows himself a satisfied grunt and a small fist pump. He’s getting there.

Another glance at the script. He murmurs the words to himself as he reads, repeats them. He glances upwards, repeats them again. He blinks a few times, forces some tears. The script calls for it, you see.

“Come, tears, confound;

Out, sword, and wound,”

He mimes drawing a sword. He hesitates, glances back at the script. Realises the line goes on, there’s no time for a theatrical pose. Try again.

“Out, sword, and wound

The pap of Paramus… no, pyramid, no…Pythagoras, that’s a name, right?”

He grunts in frustration. Tries the word out on his tongue a few times. Pyramus. PI-RA-MUS. Again, from the sword.

“Out, sword, and wound

The pap of Pyramus;

Aye, that left pap,

Where heart doth hop,”

He freezes. Scrunches his face a little as he tries to remember the next line. An exasperated groan. He looks down. It’s not a line, it’s a stage direction. Of course, it is.

You can read the full thing over at Long Distance Creationship now! And be sure to check out Laura’s response to the prompt too – it’s absolutely cracking!

Jodie x

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