Readathon roundup!

Okay, so remember that readathon I said I was going to do, but what I actually ended up doing was staying on Zoom and drinking wine with my friend until 5am, and woke up too hungover to do anything other than sleep more and order Maccas?


But I’m no quitter. Oh no, I’m a PROCRASTINATOR! So I did what I do best – put it off until tomorrow!

I ended up starting exactly 24 hours after the original readathon started, running from Sunday to Monday, rather than Saturday to Sunday.

Let’s take a look at how I did!

Unofficially, my readathon time limit ended up being 26 hours. While I’d accepted that I’d have to sleep (I’m thirty, okay?) and that I’d need to set some time aside to clean and walk the dog and what not, I wasn’t exactly expecting to have to clear out the garage because a pipe came loose on the washing machine, flooding the place.

Once I was all cleaned up (and I’d thanked the wonderful friend who’d come to help me with gifts of Taco Bell and WWE), the two hour cleaning slot had become four hours of soapy water, damp garages, and nachos.

So I added an extra couple of hours on, giving myself to midnight to finish the book I was on.

I read three books in total. I got through The Octopus and I by Erin Hortle, The Whole Picture by Alice Procter, and 18 Tiny Deaths by Bruce Goldfarb.

They were all fantastic reads, and I’m surprised I smashed through all that non-fiction!

My total reading time was 8 hours and 45 minutes. A little less than I expected, in all honesty, but there you go!

I divided my reading into little blocks, usually around 25 to 45 minutes. It gave me time every hour to eat, stretch, go to the bathroom, fit in another reading block if I needed it, all that sort of thing.

I had planned to use a good chunk of downtime to jump into other books, or at least stay away from Netflix and Stan, but I actually found that watching Drag Race re-runs set me up a little better for returning to reading.

I tracked my time using an app called Forest and a notebook. I’ve used Forest for a couple of years now – it’s primarily for focus, encouraging you to step away from your phone. A little tree or shrub grows for a set amount of time, and if you start trying to use your phone (emergencies and certain apps excepted), the tree dies, and remains in your forest as a reminder of your shame FOREVER. Or at least until you can get enough coins to delete it.

I got through a total of 857 pages. For just under nine hours, this feels pretty good. It all averages out to about three hours per book/three hours per 300 pages. I got a few comments on Instagram (I’ve set up a highlights reel of the readathon here) talking about how fast I read, so that was kind of interesting. Clearly it hasn’t been my rate of reading that’s slowed down over the past few years, it’s just how much reading I’ve been doing!

Before the readathon started, I polished off two other books. I got through The Rich Man’s House by Andrew McGahan much faster than anticpated – it’s a 600 page behemoth, but it’s SO GOOD – and Carrie Fisher’s The Princess Diarist took me just a few hours.

So that’s five books in a week. Not too shabby!

I’ve still got a couple of review books left to work through, but it’s nice to have The Review Book Pile of Shame on my desk looking a little less daunting – it’s gone from six to two in just a few days!

I’m going to be working on reviews for the next couple of days, just to give myself a bit of a reading (if not a bookish) break, but I’m already excited for Tome Topple in a few weeks! It all kicks off on May 9th, and I’ll be posting my plans for this one later this week.

And, yeah, that’s that! Did you take place in Dewey’s Readathon? Any readathons coming up you think I’d enjoy? Hit me up in the comments below!

Jodie x

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