BookTube updated!

Another week, another BookTube video! This week I’m chatting about some recent purchases I made, including my new Kobo Clara! Scroll down to view the video, or click the link in the menu bar to your right 🙂

As a side note, I know I’ve not been particularly active (either here or on Long Distance Creationship, eeeeek) and I’m going to be working on changing that!

I want to submit to more publications and zines, start working on my creative writing again, and get up to date with book reviews. I’ve also got a few online courses on the go, and I’d like to get through them too!

There’s no sign of my work reopening anytime soon, and my partner is about to do a three week stint away from home (he normally does two weeks on, one week off), so I’ve got all the time in the world!

Anyway, that’s a brief update on life and stuff – way to hijack a simple post, Jodie – so here’s your reward! Behold, the latest episode of The Sloan Ranger Reads!

Jodie x

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