NetGalley November

It’s been a hot minute since I challenged myself with a readathon, but with my NetGalley shelf steadily getting out of control, I figured November was the perfect time for an alliterative challenge!

(If you’d like to see this in a chaotic video format, I’ve also put an announcement vid up on my YouTube channel HERE!)

I guarantee there’s already a bookworm (or five) with a #NetGalleyNovember challenge of their own (and the bingo cards to prove it), but we all know I’m not one for following someone else’s bookish rules.

Instead, I’ll be keeping things super simple and drawing out NetGalley reads from a little jar I found in a cupboard in the kitchen. It still smells a little like BBQ rub in there, but that’s okay.

My only criteria for the books that went into the jar is that they had to already be published (less ARCs more… RCs…), and I’ve also banned myself from requesting more books for at least the remainder of November. If you think that means I went on a massive requesting spree on Halloween, you’re wrong. I did it the day before.

In terms of number goals, I’m not expecting a huge amount. I’ve still got a couple of review reads for The AU Review to get through, but if I can knock a few off the ol’ NetGalley shelf, I’ll be a very happy camper.

Obviously at this point, we’re a few days into November, so I’ve already got stuck into the first book I drew from the jar, which was All the Tommys in the World by Javier Gombinsky.

Here’s the synopsis:

For horror Youtubers Lilith and Nate, zombie movies are escapist fantasies. So when a real zombie uprising in the streets of New Southport is quickly thwarted, they know those familiar-looking ghouls are hiding something. And they should know.

Born with a weak heart in the funeral town of Leatelranch, built around the largest cemetery in the world, Lilith’s parents raised her with zombie stories to keep her from learning the truth about what happens inside the cemetery walls.

As for Nathan, the caretaker’s son… he has his reasons to be so cowardly.

So when they get outsmarted by seemingly droning ghouls and are forced to split up, the uncanny coincidences are undeniable. And as things start to look more and more like Lilith’s apocalyptic visions, and as a darker threat lurks, it’ll be up to them to piece the puzzle before everyone they love faces a fate worse than becoming a zombie.

Can they be stopped? Are they just playing dead? Do they have a plan?

They know something we don’t. And whatever it is, they hate us for it.

My plan is to get this one done by the weekend, so I can jump straight into another. A 300 page book usually takes me about three/four hours to get through, so if I can knock out one a week, that’s a solid chunk shaved off my requests by the end of the month.

And, y’know, bonus – I’ll have books to review here that aren’t just copies of my reviews from The AU Review! Turns out that BBQ rub smell is actually what fresh content smells like! Who knew?!

If you’re taking part in any readathons this month, please let me know in the comments! And if you’d like a bit of emotional support while you whittle down your TBR (NetGalley or otherwise), I’ve got your back!


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