Blog tour: Last Resort by Josh Reynolds

I made it one of my 2022 Bookish Goals to take part in three blog tours this year, and it’s already time to tick off the first one! Say hello to Josh Reynolds‘ zombie adventure, Last Resort!

Set in the world of Guillotine Games’ Zombicide board game series, Last Resort follows a group of survivors as they search the Adirondacks for The Villa, the rumoured safe house of a local mafia kingpin. For former FBI agent Ramirez, The Villa offers a vital refuge for the people under her care. But for Westlake, a thief-turned-informant who once escaped Ramirez, there’s an altogether different motive: revenge.

There’s something about a story with a specific mission that just gets me going, y’know? I’m all for over-arching plots, and emotional development, and stories where nothing “happens” in the strictest sense of the word, but give me 300 pages, a motley crew, and a GOAL, and I am there. It’s the reason why I love heist movies so much – everything builds around the end goal, and there’s a pretty high chance of a montage (and everybody loves a montage).

That’s the energy I got from Last Resort – a pacey, action-packed zombie thriller that delivers as well on character as it does on gore. This one nails all the important stuff – shotguns, guts, shotguns to the guts, those gloriously tense scenes when our heroes are trying desperately not to attract the attention of a horde of zombies but you absolutely KNOW they’re about to attract the attention of a horde of zombies – but still throws in enough twists here and there to keep everything fresher than your average shambling corpse.

Read this if you like:
Zombies so real you can smell ’em,
Very good dogs*
Large masked men punching walkers’ heads clean off their shoulders.

Four BRAAAAAINS out of five!

*Yes, the dog survives.

Huge thanks to Aconyte Books and The Book Network for organising the tour and gifting me a copy of the book!

I’m stop four on the Last Resort blog tour, so if you’d like to read a few more reviews and get a few more takes on the book before you commit, here’s the full schedule:

If you’d like to team up for a blog tour, you can contact me HERE!

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