Blog tour: Age of the Undead by C.L. Werner

Alaric von Mertz has lost everything to the zombie hordes. His family, his home, his legacy. But one thing might still remain: his honour.

Teaming with an unlikely group of survivors – a thief, a witch-hunter, and a novice wizard – he sets out to track down the necromancer responsible for the terrible plague that not only killed his parents, but brought them back as part of the shambling, ravenous undead.

But there’s plenty of obstacles along the way, and others soon fall into step with Alaric and his curious comrades. And with all the bloodshed around them and a growing community to protect, Alaric faces a difficult decision: at what point does he draw the line between vengeance for his family and his sworn duty as a knight to protect those in need?

Fast-paced, exciting, and loaded with characters that would make a Dungeons & Dragons player weak at the knees, Zombicide Black Death: Age of the Undead is a rip-roaring horror fantasy adventure. Going as hard on characterisations as it does on blood, guts, and gore, it’s near impossible not to get swept up in this hugely fun addition to the Zombicide series.

This isn’t just Alaric’s tale either, with thief Gaiseric, witch-hunter Helchen, and the wizard Hulmul all taking the lead throughout the novel. Author C.L. Werner does a fine job of balancing these very different characters while keeping the tale barrelling along at a merry, if gruesome, pace.

Brutal, funny, and surprisingly quite heartfelt at times, there’s much to be said for Age of the Undead. Come for the mace-swinging and necromancy. Stay for the friendships and the fire-bomb wielding dwarf.

Five necromancers out of five!

Huge thanks to Aconyte Books and The Book Network for organising the tour and gifting me a copy of the book!

I’m stop five on the Age of the Undead blog tour, so if you’d like to read a few more reviews and get a few more takes on the book before you commit, here’s the full schedule:

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