A Fresh Start!

So a few weeks back, I decided I needed to streamline my focus when it came to my blog, YouTube, and Bookstagram. I read and play a pretty diverse range of genres, but I kinda wanted to find more of a niche – hence the refresh!

My focus going forward will be leaning into Gothic horror, folklore, and re-tellings – basically spooky shit. It’s what I’ve always loved reading the most and there’s just so much good stuff coming out both in terms of books and games, it seems kinda crazy not to.

The focus right now will be on book reviews here on the blog, while I build up a bit of an ideas pool and a backlog of videos for YouTube. I’ll be going back through my previous reviews and updating and re-posting the ones that fit the tone of the new direction, so content will gradually appear here in the coming days.

I’ll still be reading and reviewing other genres for The AU Review and will post periodically about them on my socials (Instagram stories and Twitter mostly) but YouTube and here will definitely be narrowed down.

If that sounds like your vibe, welcome! I’ll have a new review up shortly, so stick around!

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