My name is Jodie Sloan and I’m a blogger/writer based in Queensland. Born and raised in Lancashire, UK, I moved to (mostly) sunny Brisbane in 2011 and I don’t plan on leaving the Sunshine State anytime soon!

I have a BA in Art History/History from the University of Queensland.

Here at The Sloan Ranger, you can expect posts about pop culture, film history, music, and books.

I write about books, music and Brisbane theatre for The AU Review. I also work in an editorial capacity, and as a result can now add “chases people up for articles” and “pretends to know stuff about contemporary Australian music” to my AU Review skill set.

I can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. BookTube coming soon!

If you’d like to team up with me, whether it’s a book review, movie based ramblings, or just a buddy read on #bookstagram, please get in touch! Drop me a comment or fly me an email at jodiebsloan@gmail.com.

If you’re interested in my work with The AU Review and have work in mind for them, please contact editor@theaureview.com.

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