ICYMI: Helen Scheuerer reveals the cover art for A Lair of Bones

You all know I’m a massive fan of Helen Scheuerer‘s Oremere Chronicles, so when I heard rumblings that there was something new in the works, I was VERY excited.

That something turned out to be fantasy series Curse of the Cyren Queen, and Helen recently revealed the stunning cover for book one, A Lair of Bones!

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Interview: Brisbane burlesque star Trigger Happy talks all things Shreklesque

Interview originally published by The AU Review on 31/04/21

You might know him from America’s Got Talent, but burlesque performer Trigger Happy has added another string to his already well-strung bow in the form of Shreklesque. Yep, you read that correctly. Shreklesque.

Blending burlesque, drag, and everyone’s favourite orgre, Shreklesque has been entertaining sold out audiences since its first outing at Perth Fringe last year.

Trigger himself also has quite the resume. As well as stints closer to home at the likes of Brisbane Festival, the Australian Burlesque Festival and the New Zealand Burlesque Festival, he’s also travelled further afield, to the Vienna Boylesque Festival and New York Nerdlesque Festival. And, of course, there was his Golden Buzzer moment on AGT.

His goal? To wow audiences, push boundaries and show that every body is a burlesque body!

With upcoming dates at Brisbane’s Tivoli and Sydney’s Enmore Theatre selling fast, it’s an exciting time for Trigger, as creator, director and leading ogre. We were lucky enough to grab five minutes with him to talk all things Shreklesque – but first, in true burlesque style, let us tease you a little with the show’s trailer…

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Book Review: Belinda Lyons-Lee’s Tussaud is a delightfully devious gothic mystery

It should have been Marie Tussaud’s greatest success. An automaton, rendered lifelike through her waxworking skills. It would stand, walk, elegantly wave a fan. Even sweeter that it should be Marie Antoinette; the French Revolution had cost both queen and artist plenty.

But when her business partner, a magician named Philidor, ignores her instructions, the show falls apart. Marie Antoinette is ruined, and Phantasmagoria is cancelled even before the curtain falls on opening night.

And yet, a man in the audience sees something special in the show. A proposition is placed before Tussaud and Philidor. An eccentric duke, living in isolation at the sprawling Welbeck Abbey, has a commission for them. An automaton of his own, built to his exact specifications. In return, a small fortune, and the opportunity to craft a new show, hosted in the underground ballroom of Welbeck itself.

Once settled at the estate, however, things begin to take a dark turn. Tensions with Philidor are high. And bound by the Duke of Portland’s strange rules, and his unnervingly precise list of requests for his automaton, Marie can’t quite shake the feeling that something is dreadfully wrong at Welbeck Abbey.

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