Beat the Backlist 2020!

So I’ve just finished up Tome Topple (wrap up video and blog post coming soon) and I’ve signed up for two more readathons in June (again, info coming soon!) but I’ve also just chucked my name down for this year’s Beat the Backlist.

This one runs all year and it’s the perfect opportunity to clear out my TBR shelves – anything published up to last year counts, as well as re-reads! The good thing is I can go back and add the books I read earlier this year, and they can still count towards my total.

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Readathon roundup!

Okay, so remember that readathon I said I was going to do, but what I actually ended up doing was staying on Zoom and drinking wine with my friend until 5am, and woke up too hungover to do anything other than sleep more and order Maccas?


But I’m no quitter. Oh no, I’m a PROCRASTINATOR! So I did what I do best – put it off until tomorrow!

I ended up starting exactly 24 hours after the original readathon started, running from Sunday to Monday, rather than Saturday to Sunday.

Let’s take a look at how I did!

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