Blog tour: You Are (Not) Deadpool by Tim Dedopulos

Deadpool has a new mission and he’s going to need some help.

In You Are (Not) Deadpool, readers take charge of a character named Six (don’t dwell on it, it’s fine, it’s definitely not because Deadpool’s first five assistants died or anything), helping the Merc with a Mouth investigate rumours of Chitauri weapons being smuggled through New York City.

Armed with stats (Merc, Mouth, and Focus), a trusty die, and whatever objects you can find hidden throughout the pages, it’s up to you to get to the bottom of this Marvel mystery. Bonus points if you can keep Deadpool on mission!

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Blog tour: Age of the Undead by C.L. Werner

Alaric von Mertz has lost everything to the zombie hordes. His family, his home, his legacy. But one thing might still remain: his honour.

Teaming with an unlikely group of survivors – a thief, a witch-hunter, and a novice wizard – he sets out to track down the necromancer responsible for the terrible plague that not only killed his parents, but brought them back as part of the shambling, ravenous undead.

But there’s plenty of obstacles along the way, and others soon fall into step with Alaric and his curious comrades. And with all the bloodshed around them and a growing community to protect, Alaric faces a difficult decision: at what point does he draw the line between vengeance for his family and his sworn duty as a knight to protect those in need?

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Blog Tour: Mage of Fools by Eugen Bacon

We’re deviating from our usual posting schedule to bring you another blog tour! Say hello to Mage of Fools by Eugen Bacon!

In Mafinga, the men are dead, the sun will kill you, and stories are banned. With the king under the thumb of the sorcerer Atari, there’s little hope for the women and children left behind. And yet, resistance is brewing.

When an old flame reappears in Jasmin’s life and the forbidden story machine she’d so carefully hidden is discovered, the factory worker and her children are thrown headlong into a plot that will change Mafinga forever.

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