Updates – Mar '20

Well, we’re having quite the time of it, aren’t we?

As of midday today (Monday), I’m once again jobless. The government finally called for a shutdown of non-essential venues and, unfortunately (though not unexpectedly), a bowling alley and laser tag arena falls under that particular umbrella.

I’m sad about it, mostly because of the whole, y’know, bills to pay thing. But also because I really loved that job. I’m hopeful that when we reopen I’ll be able to jump straight back in, but for now I’m applying for just about anything (me and thousands of other Brisbane hospo kids), learning a few new skills, and trying to flog a few bits and pieces online.

So what about all the non-work stuff? Well, I’ve got a few ideas – for when I’m not re-watching Community for the eleventh time, that is.

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Updates – November ’19

Well we’re a few days into November now, and I thought it was time for a bit of an update! I’ve got quite a lot planned for this month, kids!

I got back from my trip to the UK a couple of weeks ago (check out my Instagram for some amazing Highlands scenery and some not-so-amazing drunk photos with old friends) and after a few days recovering, I’ve jumped back into life!

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