Book Review: The Oremere Chronicles draws to a close with Helen Scheuerer’s action packed War of Mist

After a terrifying clash with the enemy in the Havennesse mountains, our gang of rebels and Valian warriors have headed back to Queen Eydis’ castle to regroup and plan for the war ahead. But with Bleak’s head still reeling from revelations about her past, and the captive they planned to use as leverage against Ines found murdered, it’s safe to say that things aren’t exactly going to plan.
Meanwhile, in the Janhallow Desert, Swinton and Fi are fighting to keep their royal charges alive, as they flee Ines’ influence in Belbarrow. Their only chance at survival is a village they once destroyed as soldiers of Ellest – is it worth the risk?

Interview: Author Helen Scheuerer talks Reign of Mist, self-publishing, and bookish bromances

As promised yesterday, here’s the second interview I did with Oremere Chronicles author Helen Scheuerer.
Remember, you can pick up copies of both Heart of Mist and Reign of Mist from the Talem Press website and with the trilogy’s finale due out later this year, now is definitely the time to acquaint yourself with Bleak, Henri, and the rest of the gang!