• Alison Evans’ Highway Bodies brings the zombie apocalypse to Victoria
    No one is really sure how it started. Random attacks. Censored news reports. Curfews and evacuations. The internet stopping. And then there’s Rhea and Jojo’s mother going missing. Band members Dee, Poppy, Zufan, and Jack’s creative retreat cut short by power outages. And an unnamed teen facing down her own family, who are literally about to tear out her throat. Welcome to the post-apocalyptic Victoria of Alison Evans’ Highway Bodies.
  • Niccolò Ammaniti’s young survivor Anna tackles starvation, gangs, and devastating disease in post-apocalyptic Sicily
    Several years ago, a virus came to Sicily. It stalked the adults, picking them off one by one, until all that remained was handful of children. Struggling to protect her younger brother, Astor, Anna knows her days are numbered. When she reaches adolescence, the disease will come for her too. Falling in with a boy named Pietro, who believes a specific pair of sneakers will save his life, and a former fighting dog dubbed Fluffy, Anna and Astor aim for the mainland. There must be adults somewhere, after all. Maybe even adults with a cure for the Red Fever.
  • The Oremere Chronicles draws to a close with Helen Scheuerer’s action packed War of Mist
    After a terrifying clash with the enemy in the Havennesse mountains, our gang of rebels and Valian warriors have headed back to Queen Eydis’ castle to regroup and plan for the war ahead. But with Bleak’s head still reeling from revelations about her past, and the captive they planned to use as leverage against Ines found murdered, it’s safe to say that things aren’t exactly going to plan. Meanwhile, in the Janhallow Desert, Swinton and Fi are fighting to keep their royal charges alive, as they flee Ines’ influence in Belbarrow. Their only chance at survival is a village they once destroyed as soldiers of Ellest – is it worth the risk?