Updates – November ’19

Well we’re a few days into November now, and I thought it was time for a bit of an update! I’ve got quite a lot planned for this month, kids!

I got back from my trip to the UK a couple of weeks ago (check out my Instagram for some amazing Highlands scenery and some not-so-amazing drunk photos with old friends) and after a few days recovering, I’ve jumped back into life!

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Album Review: Brisbane’s Austen sets the bar high with debut EP Passenger Seat

Brisbane singer-songwriter Austen recently dropped her debut EP and, honestly, I’m a little bit in love. Passenger Seat is a five strong collection of brooding electro-pop, featuring singles “Too High To Cry“, “Anthem“, and “Money“, and is filled with plenty of trademark killer hooks to get listeners in the mood for her upcoming tour next month.

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Avebury 3219 (GULP! issue 3, Sept. 2018)

Back in September, my work showed up in a local indie zine called GULP!. They specialise in genre fiction and for issue three, the focus was on crime.

I’m pretty gutted to have missed the deadline for their horror issue (despite packing my laptop and a whole bunch of notebooks, I really didn’t get much writing done on my holiday!) but I’m so excited to share these few hundred words with you all now!

Avebury 3219

She tugged the handkerchief from the breast pocket of his tweed jacket and wiped the blood off the blade. His initials were embroidered on a corner of the starched white fabric, and she made sure they showed when she tucked the bloodied square back in.

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