AU Review wrap-up: Nov/Dec 2021

Just a quick post to share a few bits and pieces I wrote for/contributed to The AU Review during November and December. Book reviews and a selection of interviews are regularly shared in full right here, so aren’t included in the wrap-up. You can find my full AU Review portfolio HERE.

Please note: Any enquiries for The AU Review should go through HERE.

Track of the Week: The Terrifying Lows,
“Waiting for the Sun”
Originally published 03/11/21 – LINK

I don’t know what the weather’s like where you are, but here in Brisbane its grey, stormy, and absolutely perfect for a track like “Waiting for the Sun“.

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Dug this one out from the Long Distance Creationship archives and I’m still so in love with it that it hurts a little bit.

They roll in like dark marbles, black and grey and deep purple. A green, for envy, every once in a while. If she could feel anything when she looked at them, it would be fear. She knows this because she’s tried fear (yellow) before and now she can put a name to it. The black should be the worst, an all-consuming sadness, but it’s the greys she really tries to avoid. They’re nothing, they’re empty, they’re the absence of anything at all. And she already knows what that feels like

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